About Us

Thanks for hanging out with us! We are a bunch of artists who use spray paint from Mexico and other countries who are working hard to offer you the best in underground street art techniques from Mexico and all over the world.  We feel that the time has come to take street art to the next level and we invite you to join us.

spray paint art painting
spray paint art paloma coronado

Hi, I’m Alisa Amor, I love answering your questions about spray paint art and airbrush in Spanish or English, so please ask me anything! I love giving you all the secret techniques and new ideas that you can handle so you can become the artist of your dreams. Your health and safety are important to me so I include lots of free information about non-toxic materials, water-based spray paints with no solvents, and how to set up your ventilation if you are painting indoors. (Sign up for the mailing list to get that info) Many of my students have become professional artists. Many of them started by telling me they “couldn’t draw a stick figure” and now they are selling their artwork professionally! I love helping you, so let me know what you need. Write me at spraypaintartsecrets@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.–Alisa Amor

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Gerardo Amor lived and painted in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. He was one of the original spray paint artists of Mexico who, together with Hugo Montero and other friends, invented the basic planet, land and newspaper techniques that everyone uses today. Make sure to visit Gerardo’s website and learn about spray paint art history. www.GerardoAmor.com


Paloma Coronado is one of the best spray paint artists around. She learned from Alisa and Gerardo Amor and also Gerardo’s brother Ruben Melody. She has taken spray paint art techniques to the next level. She creates spray paint art pictures of animals, portraits and other fantasy illustrations with a prehispanic flair. She lives in Costa Rica.